Carlos describes himself as a political economy strategy analyst, with renowned foresight regarding trends, issues and problems in a variety of environments and industries. He has worked extensively with companies in the US and Venezuela participating in Mexican, Colombian and Venezuelan markets, to establish joint ventures and market presence, position and growth. Most recently he was project team leader at AMLA consulting, a firm specializing in international investments in Latin America, heading the analysis and proposal for transforming the electrical infrastructure of Venezuela into a distributed smart grid.

He was Adjunct Professor in the College of Business at Florida Atlantic University, FAU, and has been invited as conference panelist in California and Mexico on international business issues. During the 2008 financial crisis he was invited member of the Financial Recovery Council of Congressman Ron Klein (D-FL). As an entrepreneur, he has run a small business dedicated to dance supplies and apparel in south Florida for 18 years, and has interacted with the city mayor to evaluate regulations affecting businesses.

He is the author of La Venezuela Imposible: Crónicas y Reflexiones sobre Democracia y Libertad (2017), about the problems of the prevailing ideological culture and its political manifestation over the last 50 years, which has led to the current crisis in that country, and of Campaign Journal 2008: A Chronicle of Vision, Hope and Glory (2009), about Barack Obama’s successful run for the presidency in 2008.

Carlos has an MBA from Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Admiistración, IESA (Caracas), with a joint program from UCLA’s Anderson School of Business, and a BArch from Pratt Institute in New York. 

For more information or to purchase Carlos j. Rangel's books visit La Venezuela imposible or Campaign Journal 2008.

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