lunes, 4 de octubre de 2021

New English language translation of "FROM NOBLE SAVAGE TO NOBLE REVOLUTIONARY" by Carlos Rangel


After multiple editions in multiple languages over what will soon be almost fifty years, a an updated edition in English of this seminal work on liberalism was due. A renewed interest in modern liberal thought has seen new editions of this book come out in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian over the last three years. It is time now for a new edition in English.

Multiple people have asked me to undertake this task and I now begin to fulfill that promise. While a couple of publishers have approached me about the printing, no decision has been arrived at so, in serialized form and as I work on the translation, I will share in this blog portions of my progress, section by section, and chapter by chapter. May it be a teaser for you to eventually get that hard copy

In part this new edition is motivated because this book is too fundamental to let it fall by the wayside, in part because the "case study" of Latin America as Jean-Francois Revel pointed out back in 1976, goes beyond the region. What Revel could not have anticipated at that time is that liberal democracy would be under such onslaught 50 years later that its very existence in our world is in peril.

I have a (nearly) final draft of three forewords and the introduction for you to read at this time. Be prepared to dive into a different way of viewing the world as we know it when you click the link below.




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